Richard Ashcroft

Richard Ashcroft ex lead singer with The Verve was supporting The Rolling Stones at Old Trafford. It was supposed to be Liam Gallagher but he refused to set foot in Old Trafford being a Manchester City supporter … what a prat. But to be honest Richard Ashcroft was really good so I’m glad he did refuse. His voice was loud he got the audience going and he was a really good support act

The Rolling Stones at Old Trafford

The beginning of June , the 5th to be exact saw us attending The Rolling Stones No Filter Tour at Old Trafford ….. it was AMAZING, I will never ever forget this night , how these guys in their 70’s can have such energy just amazes me, and before anyone says DRUGS nope they have been drug free for 3 decades

In fact Mick works out for 6 hours a day 3 days a week he still has a 30 inch waist and his voice is still amazing!! In fact I believe the gig could be heard up to 8 miles away

Totally totally the best concert I have ever been to

The support to the Rolling Stones was Richard Ashcroft ( I’ll talk about this in another posting )

Gary Barlow Concert

Mid May saw us going to see Gary Barlow in concert, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go and got a few months we had the tickets for sale on Getmein, I am so glad we they didn’t sell, we had an amazing night it was a small venue and Gary Barlow had lost a lot of weight was very fit and the whole show just blasted energy from start to finish 10/10 Gary RED50-AUU1placeholder://placeholder://


My health had been up and down for a few months. My sprained ankle has still not healed properly and along with the earlier fracture of my other ankle I seem to have 2 constantly swollen ankles

My BP seems to have been behaving apart from our return from holiday while queuing to get through immigration on our return to Manchester, I stood too long as there was a massive queue and bang I could feel myself fainting. I quickly ducked under the barriers with the help of a security guard, found somewhere to sit and he let us wait until the queue had completely gone and helped me get to the passport control if only the lady looking at the passport could be as helpful oh no she was in jobsworth mode and kept telling me to stand still 😦

Anyway I survived it …..

Tropic Park Hotel Malgrat De Mar

We booked this 4* hotel for our holiday and upgraded to a Premier Room. There was some mix up at the Airport and we couldn’t get off our plane for nearly an hour so consequently it was the early hours of the morning when we arrived at our hotel tired hungry and thirsty.

The room we were allocated was not a Premier Room the lady on the desk spoke little English and just told us to come back at 8am when she had gone home. We should have had a welcome gift in our room consisting of a drink and fruit but of course there was nothing there.

We went to the reception the next day and still could not get our room to cut a long story short it was the 3 red day of our holiday before we were moved and before we actually unpacked our cases 😦

The room we were then allocated was no better, the whole room stunk of cigarette smoke , the bed the sheets the wall the chairs the curtains absolutely everywhere. I noticed that the rooms had no smoke alarms which was very worrying

The air conditioning in the room only blew out HOT air.

The restaurant wasn’t too bad and catered for all tastes but some of the meat was very pink and a few people seemed to pick up a big whilst we were there. Thankfully we were both alright.

We were all inclusive in the hotel but on the day of departure we left at 18.15 hours we were not allowed any all inclusive after 10.30am …. never had we had this in any other hotel

We received no apology from the hotel regarding the room , but the holiday company did give us some compensation on return for what we had experience. I would never return to this hotel despite the fact that recently they have had some better reviews

It’s been a long time….

And it’s been a very hot summer so far and so much has happened and where do I begin.

We went on holiday the 6th May to Spain and it rained nearly every day it was freezing cold , warmer back in the UK than where we were. We had problems with our hotel I will deal with that in another post.

I have recently found out my daughter mummytodex is having another baby , she is due 21st December think I knew almost as soon as she did ( although not officially) I have this knack of looking at people and knowing when they are pregnant I see something in their face

We have been so busy the last few months so much going on and so many concerts or should I say absolutely amazing concerts

The mist and rain when were in Spain and the weather map showing all the storms over Europe