More Money -Making Survey Links

Yes, there are plenty more ways out there to get more money into your Bank Account or Amazon account. If you like having a say in Politics or what’s going on in the UK/World right now then YouGov is the one for you, each survey pays 50-75p and there are no screeners so you get paid for every one you do, the downside is you have to wait until your account is up to £50 before they will send you a cheque but the cheque does come quickly once you are there.

InboxPounds is another click on the email and do some surveys plus some little spin games on the site. This pays out when you reach £20 and the cheque is sent very quickly

NectarCanvass if you have a Nectar Card and of course you can buy your food with Nectar Points in Sainsburys unlike the Tesco Clubcard

NewVistaLive another one tghat pays well but you can’t cash in until you have 5000 points most surveys pay 75-100points

Please use the links above if you want to join and then we both benefit 🙂

Quite a few to keep you going there.

I’m going to list some things on ebay today and hopefully try and get some sunshine, it’s really hot today and the forecast is good for the next few days

I really need to up my fluids, it’s 12.30 and I’m still sitting with the same cup of coffee I’ve had since 8.30am 😦 Lack of fluids causes dehydration which in turn causes low blood pressure and tachycardia, a  vicious circle that I really need to battle with and win.

We are due to go on holiday 2 weeks tomorrow and I don’t think I’ve ever felt this bad before going away hope som miracle happens before we go and I feel more human

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