A hard few days

It’s been a hard few days. Work won’t pay me anymore SSP as they say my earnings haven’t been enough the last few weeks, my earnings haven’t been enough because firstly they have mucked up my wages for the last 2 months and I haven’t been paid correctly and secondly I was forced to return to work when I wasn’t well and the only way I could do this was to reduce my hours and now I don’t pay a stamp and am not entitled to sick pay 😦

Talk about a Catch 22 situation. I have phoned the Benefits office and discussed with them and they have advised me to apply for ESA and PIP  This relapse is definitely a bad one I have a chronic cough, pain in all my joints and chest pain almost continually day in day out. My blood pressure fluctuates from day to day I’m trying not to get too obsessive about recording it but on Saturday I felt dreadful and these are my blood pressure and pulse  readings below

Last night we heard an awful noise outside our house that sounded like birds fighting and there was a lot of mess over my car today that looked like blood 😦 This evening we had a seagull just sitting in the garden with a badly damaged wing

We contacted the RSPCA and they came out this evening and collected it the officer did not know whether it could be saved or not or whether he might have to humanely “put it to sleep” You can see the damage on the photo on the right 😦

We are going away on holiday on Sunday, I’m hoping that the sunshine and the relaxation will give me a new lease of life. We are going to Northern Spain so look out for photo overload on my return

One little money earner I forgot to mention when I did my Surveys post was  Spare5   this can literally be done anytime you have a spare few minutes on either a mobile app or a laptop and pays really well if you put the time in

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