Post Holiday Blues

Can’t say I have had any, rather it was the holiday that I shouldn’t have gone on. It’s hard to admit that your ill, feel ill 24 hours a day and want to cancel a holiday that has been planned for a few months as there is always that feeling that maybe just maybe it will do you good, well I’m afraid it didn;t and I feel just as bad as before I went away I guess the only good thing is that I don’t feel worse.

It’s taken me a little while to catch up on all the surveys as a lot won’t let you do them outside the UK. The money has started totting up this week and we are now halfway through the month, hard to believe. This year seems to be going so fast.

So apart from the mountain of washing and the absolute mountain of ironing which I am slowly getting through not a lot else is happening. I need to sit to do the ironing and move the airer close to me so that I can place the clothes on the airer without getting up. Although my muscles ache like I have been through a major workout.

I’m still following my wheat free dairy free and sugar free limited  diet, yeah I’m struggling with the sugar bit and have had a bit here and there. I have lost nearly 1 stone (14lbs) so that is good

Tennis has featured a lot in my week and Roger Federer is my hero so glad to see he is in the final tomorrow at Wimbledon and he has played really well. I’ve currently got the Ladies final on 🙂

I’m sure I mentioned before that I really love crafts, knitting crocheting and cross stitch. My stash of wool is way too big for my own good but today I received these



I can’t wait to knit them up but have no idea what I’m going to make. Although I am working on a new idea to market involving something  I need to knit.

I received my ESA payment and today I have received a big booklet that I need to fill in to take my claim further. It seems highly unlikely that I’m going to be able to return to work as my health just does not seem to be getting any better at all

Off to watch the end of the Williams/Muguruza Ladies Final

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