Bits and Bobs

I wasn’t able to update the pain got so bad it was difficult to sit and even be on the laptop. I don’t know what it was but thankfully it has subsided. I think it was probably due to the guar Gum in the coconut milk and thankfully things seem to eb a little better and I’m now using Koko dairy free

My free from  diet (wheat, sugar, dairy) lapsed somewhat over the last week, my husband has been on holiday and we have been out and about, my walking isn’t too good so we have to rely on drive thru’s or food he can bring to the car to eat. My best lunch this week was from Morrisons who do a small tub with carrot sticks and celery sticks and a pot of hummus in the top. Ideal for me and only cost £1

On Tuesday evening we went to see Our House at our local theatre, at first I wasn’t too impressed but now looking back it was quite good although maybe a bit too high energy and loud for me ………I find when I relapse I don’t tolerate noise very well and we were only 4 rows from the front and very near a speaker

Here’s the title song from it

We had 1tonne of green slate delivered as well to do a makeover on our back garden. My husband has worked hard this week I will do another posting showing the makeover bit by bit


Thankfully the weather has been glorious this week, he has been so lucky with the week he has had off 🙂

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