Hospital Appointment Plastics

I had an appointment on the 15th August with the plastic surgeons regarding the Squamous Cell Carcinoma on my nose. I saw a really nice doctor who gave me 3 options

  1. To have it surgically removed either covering it from a flap of skin from my nose or a skin graft from my neck
  2. To have radiotherapy to shrink it and remove it
  3. to go to a burns unit and for them to debride it layer by layer until it is all removed (this could take some time depending how deep it is

The Squamous cell carcinoma cannot spread through my body so there is no immediate danger. Firstly they have to do a Biopsy, I thought he would have done it there and then but no this involves a fairly large excision (relative to the size of the nose ) to take some tissue out and then 2 stitches to close the wound.

At the time of my appointment my lesion had only bled once since March and was barely noticeable, so we decided to leave it for 6 months (due to all the other things going on in my life at the moment, health relapse and job issues) and then  think about having the biopsy or to contact them should it get worse.

This morning I have woken to a big red bleeding blob on the end of my nose……….sod’s law 🙂



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