My Top 10 Pet Hates Day 6 post

We all have pet hates? What are yours?

Here is a list of my Pet Hates

  1. When you send a present to someone they never acknowledge they have it or say Thank You? In this day of internet surely all that is needed is a facebook message or a quick text……..anything is better than not knowing whether it got there
  2. Body Odour, everyone has access to water and soap is cheap enough …..just no need for it
  3. Queue Jumpers………either in shops or cars that try to leapfrog you in a contraflow
  4. Reality TV I hate it, especially the so called Celebrity Versions
  5. People that don’t clean up after their dogs………enough said
  6. People who make up Gossip and you know there is no truth in what they are saying
  7. Tailgaters……….People who drive really close behind you
  8. Cold Callers especially on the phone
  9. Rain!!
  10. Shops advertising low price products and they have none either instore or online :/

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