Book Review

Her Last Tomorrow by Adam Croft

Quite a short read really I felt 256 pages, I had read the reviews and I must be honest I was expecting a little more. It was a good read but when I put it down I wasn’t chomping at the bit to pick it up again. This is the first book I have read by Adam Croft I have got others waiting on my Kindle so I’ll try another one soon

The synopsis of the book copied from is

Nick and Tasha are a couple held together by their five-year-old daughter. Until one ordinary morning, when Ellie vanishes amid the chaos of the school run.

Nick knows she can’t have gone far on her own, which can mean only one thing: she’s not on her own. Who would take his daughter, and why? With no motive and no leads, Nick is thrown into a tailspin of suspicion and guilt. Like Tasha, he doesn’t know what to think, or whom to trust…

But then someone starts doing the thinking for him. Confronted with an impossible choice, Nick will have to make a decision, and both options will leave him with blood on his hands. But perhaps that’s to be expected.

After all, Nick’s not quite as blameless as he seems……..

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