PIP assessment

I am way behind on posting I’ve not had the best couple of weeks health wise since going away. My assessment was on the 9th October I think I have as much chance of getting PIP as spending Christmas Day on Bondi Beach.

Questions like how do you do your shopping, I do it online, is that because you prefer online, no it’s because I can’t walk around a supermarket or stand in a queue. So how often do you go to the supermarket, I don’t because I can’t walk around and I can’t stand in a queue, so when you go shopping, I don’t go shopping as I can’t walk around and I can’t stand in a queue……. You get the idea??

One question that really threw me……. Can you read? I had to ask what she meant I thought she meant Do I read i.e. have I got enough concentration to read but no she meant Can I read…………………. Well Doh yes, you have already said when I filled my form in…………….how could I fill my form in if I couldn’t read and yes my form was signed by me, not by somebody else who said they had filled it in for me

Robotic questions, can you walk the length of 4 double-decker buses end to end if you say Yes this is a massive fail as that is more than the 50 metres so I was like No I can’t do this so then she asked again are you sure you can’t do this no I can’t well could you do it with a rest, possibly on a good day but you asked if I could walk the length the answer is NO

I got really upset and wished I hadn’t bothered to fill the forms in

They left my house I didn’t get up to go to the door with them as they wanted me to stand on one leg then the other I only managed one leg then was so dizzy I had to sit down they left my doors open and sat outside in a car for 25 minutes before they drove off, no doubt waiting to see if I jumped up and closed the doors……………. well no I couldn’t get up to close the doors I was too dizzy and it’s a good job I live in a safe area and that the weather was nice that day!!!


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