I got sacked, I found out I got sacked on Social Media, that’s how good my company was at communication. I’m a qualified nurse, illness meant I couldn’t do that anymore, I went to work for a large supermarket chain, working on the checkout as it was a sit-down job and I could manage my illness and make money.

But management bullies stepped in. I have documented every single thing that was said and done to me I contacted senior management after I received my letter telling me of my dismissal this was 6 days after I had been told on Social Media and that person had already known for 8 days.

Senior Management called me a liar (maybe not so blatantly but that was what the email implied)  and said that management in my store said that none of the incidents I described had occurred. I just hope that Karma comes along and bites them. I have dates and times of incidents and there were other people present when the things were said at least 75% of the time.

Would you stand up to management if they knew they were calling one of your colleagues a liar and you knew those things had taken place ?


One thought on “Work

  1. Ohh my! This is awful. I am sorry this happened to you. I don’t know where you are based (i’m in England and if you are too) have you been to Citizen’s Advice? To find out what your rights are? I cannot believe that companies can do this to people!


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