Clumsy Me

The night before we went to see Sam Smith I slipped on some moss in the garden, landed very heavily and somehow both my ankles were injured my right knee and my right shin plus bruising down both arms. I really thought I had broken my left ankle and after breaking my right ankle 3 years ago was not something I wanted to experience again. Worse still we were travelling to Birmingham the next morning to see Sam, hotel booked and paid for train ticket and concert tickets and I certainly didn’t want to miss out, so the hospital was not an option. Fortunately I still had crutches here from my broken ankle in 2015 so off I limped on Wednesday morning to the train station. I was in absolute agony the whole time we were away. Sam got everybody in the arena standing after 3 songs I tried my best to keep getting up and down but the pain was horrendous. I came home and did the RICE protocol, Rest Ice Compression and Elevation, by last Sunday it was still no better so a visit to the hospital on Monday morning was made. Thankfully no bones were broken, it’s just a bad sprain and can take 4-6 weeks to heal properly, so guess who will be going on holiday with a limp

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