2017 in a nutshell

The beginning of the year or rather the end of last year 30th December saw me sent home from work with a relapse of my long-standing illness/disability. Work were less than understanding the  writing was on the wall back in January or even before that when my manager told me that with the new sickness policy if I was to go off sick they could now get rid of me

So much for the Equality Act 2010, I was forced back to work by management in April even though govt Fit For Work said I needed to stay off, the plan for me to go back to work was that I had a parking space outside my workplace. This did not happen, Day by day on my workdays my relapse was getting worse and worse also frequent calls for me to go upstairs to see my manager for petty tellings off, at one point when I told them I was dizzy she even had the audacity to ask if I had gin in my water bottle. Totally unprofessional and said in front of the PM who neither chastised her, said anything but did laugh at the supposed joke! Great way to treat disabled staff.

In June once again I ended up off sick, this time it resulted in them dismissing me in Septemeber, I found out from an ex-colleague on social media as they didn’t bother to write to me until 4th October although my dismissal date in the letter was 22nd September , no reason was given for the delay in sending the letter out nor was there any mention of any home visits whilst I was sick even though I could not manage to get to my workplace for sickness reviews

I complained to Head Office about the way I was treated, my company have a sickness policy specific to my illness

It states parking must be given near the store, this should have been given since the day I started working for them …………..The store’s response………….they gave me one, yes I was allowed to park in the from one day before I went off sick in June ( was refused parking prior to this)

Was told by one manager that if I went off sick again he would sack me, he stated I will have no problem as I have sacked people with cancer so it won’t bother me sacking someone with an illness I have never heard of

According to the policy I should be placed near the toilets, when I returned to work I was moved away from the toilets, my managers also denied this

The policy states I should have had extra breaks this never happened since Day 1that  I started work there, in fact, some days I had to wait 4.5 hours for  a break in a 7-hour shift

I feel let down that my managers blatantly called me a liar even though I had evidence to back up the amount of walking I was doing, plus witnesses to the things that were said to me

It makes me wonder how people sleep at night……….. and why they feel the need to lie….. of course we all know it’s to cover their own backs

Many of the staff record conversations with certain managers without their knowledge, I wish that I too had followed this trend but I expected management to have the same values as me ……….. a big mistake on my part

The company I worked for strapline this Christmas was Everyone’s welcome …………..My take on this Everyone’ welcome …………..unless you’re disabled




I was so tired yesterday, think it was the stress from waiting for the medical the other day and of course, they didn’t turn up. I hadn’t slept very well on Monday evening (to be honest I never sleep very well ) Last night I was in bed before 10pm flat out asleep but according to my Jawbone I still only had 7 hrs 29 mins sleep, the rain woke me up again this morning, will it ever stop raining?


I was due to have my Personal Independence Assessment today at 1pm, by 1.30 nobody had turned yup so I phoned to find out what was going on, apparently they phoned me at 12.03 to say it was cancelled till 9th October………..I got no call and if it had been the other way round I would not have got another chance

Same Old S*** Different Day

I went to the hairdressers yesterday, I felt rubbish health wise but if I don’t force myself I’ll never do anything. One of the other customers was listening to me talking about my health and asked me what exactly was the matter with me , I’ve lately started telling people it is CFS as things seem to be better in the Press about this illness, but obviously not with this woman, the look of disdain she gave me and totally dismissed some things I was saying, to be honest, made me feel worthless again

I’ve had a letter today that somebody is coming to do a PIP assessment on me Tuesday at 1pm, hope it all goes well

Hospital Appointment Plastics

I had an appointment on the 15th August with the plastic surgeons regarding the Squamous Cell Carcinoma on my nose. I saw a really nice doctor who gave me 3 options

  1. To have it surgically removed either covering it from a flap of skin from my nose or a skin graft from my neck
  2. To have radiotherapy to shrink it and remove it
  3. to go to a burns unit and for them to debride it layer by layer until it is all removed (this could take some time depending how deep it is

The Squamous cell carcinoma cannot spread through my body so there is no immediate danger. Firstly they have to do a Biopsy, I thought he would have done it there and then but no this involves a fairly large excision (relative to the size of the nose ) to take some tissue out and then 2 stitches to close the wound.

At the time of my appointment my lesion had only bled once since March and was barely noticeable, so we decided to leave it for 6 months (due to all the other things going on in my life at the moment, health relapse and job issues) and then  think about having the biopsy or to contact them should it get worse.

This morning I have woken to a big red bleeding blob on the end of my nose……….sod’s law 🙂