Husbands Birthday Week

It was my husbands birthday on 4th July and he took a few days off work

On his actual birthday we stayed a home for the day and in the evening we went for a meal to Dylan’s I had booked it a couple of months prior to his birthday then I decided to read the reviews they weren’t very good 😦 I decided we would go and see for ourselves. I am so glad we did the food was amazing , but not cheap the kind of place you would just go for special occasions probably unless you earn a lot of money 😀

Here are some pictures from the evening

Billy Joel Concert

On June 16th we went to Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester to see Billy Joel. My husband was so looking forward to this he’s one of his favourite artists

The concert started badly Billy Joel was singing every other artists songs apart from his own. It was all seated but everyone decided to stand up so with my health problems it meant I saw little if any of the concert 😦

The people in front of me should probably have just got a room they were backwards and forwards for drinks and just groping each other the whole time 😦

Some songs were missing. It eventually he did do quite a few of his wonderful hits

New Car

After all the excitement of the Concerts we decided to buy a new car and we took delivery of it on 11th June. It’s a Hyundai i10 5door Go! World Cup Special Edition

I decided to keep my number plate from my old car as I’d got so used to it , it’s not personalised I’m not a lover of personalised plates , it’s just personal to me 🙂

Richard Ashcroft

Richard Ashcroft ex lead singer with The Verve was supporting The Rolling Stones at Old Trafford. It was supposed to be Liam Gallagher but he refused to set foot in Old Trafford being a Manchester City supporter … what a prat. But to be honest Richard Ashcroft was really good so I’m glad he did refuse. His voice was loud he got the audience going and he was a really good support act

The Rolling Stones at Old Trafford

The beginning of June , the 5th to be exact saw us attending The Rolling Stones No Filter Tour at Old Trafford ….. it was AMAZING, I will never ever forget this night , how these guys in their 70’s can have such energy just amazes me, and before anyone says DRUGS nope they have been drug free for 3 decades

In fact Mick works out for 6 hours a day 3 days a week he still has a 30 inch waist and his voice is still amazing!! In fact I believe the gig could be heard up to 8 miles away

Totally totally the best concert I have ever been to

The support to the Rolling Stones was Richard Ashcroft ( I’ll talk about this in another posting )

Gary Barlow Concert

Mid May saw us going to see Gary Barlow in concert, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go and got a few months we had the tickets for sale on Getmein, I am so glad we they didn’t sell, we had an amazing night it was a small venue and Gary Barlow had lost a lot of weight was very fit and the whole show just blasted energy from start to finish 10/10 Gary RED50-AUU1placeholder://placeholder://