February Survey Updates

This month I recieved

Prolific ac gave me £21.90 this month

Amazon Vouchers £22.80

No Ebay sales and No Etsy sales 😦

So a pretty poor month this month 😦

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Christmas Shopping

Christmas present buying can be pretty expensive, I’m really pleased that I’ve funded nearly all my present buying from Amazon gift certificates that I got through my surveys. It’s been a great help as we have had a few expensive bills cropping up recently, more about those in another posting. Please check out my survey tags and follow the links if you too want to make present buying easier for the next year 🙂

Survey Total Cash Out for the Month

Pretty much the same as last month total wise

I had

  • £30.75 Amazon Vouchers
  • £10 Costa Coffee Vouchers
  • £10 Starbucks Vouchers
  • £20.35 from Prolific
  • £30 from Whatusersdo
  • £5.30 from Enlightly
  • 78p from Spare 5

Grand Total of  £107.18 for the month ………………………. Must try harder!!!

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Post a Day for September Day 1

My survey month was brilliant quite a bit of money this month from various sources

In Amazon gift cards I got £31

From Prolific I got £64.63 Cash

and I won £25 on Premium Bonds so this month a grand total of  £120.63

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