TV Review Troy : Fall of a City

This is an 8 part series showed on BBC and currently available on IPlayer. I can’t bear watching these series for 8 consecutive weeks so we record on the Sky* and then binge watch so we finished this in 3 nights. The acting was very good and the filming locations showed some great scenery.

I recommend having a look if your interested in Greek Myths

Do you ever……………………?

Block people on, social media for whatever reason. I had a colleague I worked with , to say she was in Walter Mitty land is an understatement, I got fed up of all the stories on facebook day in day out, tbh you’d have had to be wonder woman to achieve all the things in a day. So I removed her from my social media account, a few days later I noticed some other friends were talking to themselves then I saw they mentioned a name, turns out the person I removed from my account then blocked me?? Whats that about?

With my privacy options on my social media all my postings are friends only so I feel no need to block people………………..what reasons do you have for blocking people???

I understand if someone is stalking you etc

Another strange thing, the manager that sacked me from my job follows me on social media…………what is that all about? Worried about the repercussions of sacking a disabled person, worried that it’s going to come back and bite them??

Who knows?

Review of Hilton Metropole Hotel Birmingham

The Hilton Metropole Hotel in Birmingham is an ideal place to stay for concerts in the Genting Arena. It’s about a 5-minute walk through the back of the hotel around the Lake to the Genting Entrance, even with my walking issues, which were even worse when we stayed there because I was on crutches I managed the walk with frequent sit downs on the many benches available.

When you arrive at Birmingham International Railway Station (as we travelled by train) there is a Freephone by the Subway Food Outlet straight to the Hilton to let them know you have arrived and a courtesy bus takes you from the station to the hotel.

You can download the Hilton app and check in on this before you get to the Hotel even down to picking your own room on the App and choice of beds whether you want 2 single or a double queen or king, you also get the option to upgrade when you check in.

We did Room only and this cost us £72 for the night a bargain I feel

We ate a meal there before the concert which was very enjoyable and on return from the concert to the hotel there were Chips in a basket and Bacon Rolls available to purchase

Check in was after 3 pm and Check out was 12 midday which meant we could have a nice lie in

I would probably suggest picking a room at the back of the hotel as there is rather a large car park at the front and people coming and going although this didn’t really disturb us but we thought it might have been better for us to have a view of the Pendigo Lake


I get so excited

When I get an interaction with someone famous on social media, I had an interaction with Sam Smith a few months ago on Twitter was so so excited

And yesterday had a convo with Max Beesley, I have been a big fan of Max Beesley for many years and I follow him on Instagram

Next I’ll be inviting them round for tea 😂😂😂😂😂

Busy in the Garden

I have been busy in the garden the last few days, we have had some glorious weather so I have been planting containers and hanging baskets

Lots of colour with Petunias and Violas and Pansies. The watering can planters are recycled from some plants I bought a few years ago which have since died and I think they make a good addition to my garden wall

Clumsy Me

The night before we went to see Sam Smith I slipped on some moss in the garden, landed very heavily and somehow both my ankles were injured my right knee and my right shin plus bruising down both arms. I really thought I had broken my left ankle and after breaking my right ankle 3 years ago was not something I wanted to experience again. Worse still we were travelling to Birmingham the next morning to see Sam, hotel booked and paid for train ticket and concert tickets and I certainly didn’t want to miss out, so the hospital was not an option. Fortunately I still had crutches here from my broken ankle in 2015 so off I limped on Wednesday morning to the train station. I was in absolute agony the whole time we were away. Sam got everybody in the arena standing after 3 songs I tried my best to keep getting up and down but the pain was horrendous. I came home and did the RICE protocol, Rest Ice Compression and Elevation, by last Sunday it was still no better so a visit to the hospital on Monday morning was made. Thankfully no bones were broken, it’s just a bad sprain and can take 4-6 weeks to heal properly, so guess who will be going on holiday with a limp