I’ve been neglecting things

I have so much to do and not enough hours in the day to do it.  Im trying to keep on top of my knitting , my surveys , my social media accounbt and seem to be failing miserably in between trying to keep the house tiday and get organised for Christmas which will be with us before we know it 😦
My husband’s family are comimng to visit in 2 weeks and I need to get the house straight before then , all their Christmas presents wrapped and all organised so they can take them home with them

I feel like I’m at the bottom of Everest looking up


New Tyre

My car needed a new tyre today, I just hate going to these totally male-dominated places, where they look at you like you’re an alien, like you are going to be ripped off all the time. I long for the day when a woman will open one of these places and we women will get treated with a little more I won’t say respect but maybe friendliness???

To be honest, over 50% of the clientele this morning were female and we all looked equally depressed at having to sit and wait in the waiting room

Halfway Post a day September

We are over halfway through the month and I’ve managed to post every day , it’s just getting into a routine and things flow fine.

We have had so much rain the last few weeks and rain like I have never seen in all my life before, but thankfully today is sunny and it’s forecast to get a little better next week.

I have my Disability assessment on Tuesday at 1pm, the assessor is coming to the house, more about that after it has happened.

We are going to see an Agatha Christie play on Monday evening in the theatre about 15 miles away so that should be good, more about that too after we have been .