Things I wish I knew many years ago

1. It’s ok to divorce , don’t stay in a marriage longer than necessary , don’t be anyone’s doormat , don’t put up with cheating

2. You can’t be friends with your staff when your the boss , the minute you put a foot wrong the respect is gone , when you’re the boss you have to be aloof most of the time, but always be approachable

3. It’s okay to speak out , don’t ever be afraid to say what is troubling you, bottling things up just makes life worse

4. Never doubt people, many true words in the saying walk a mile in my shoes before you judge me , nobody knows what pain and suffering we are going through

5.its okay to cry

6. Don’t let anyone put you down

7. There are 2 sides to every argument always try and see both sides then make decisions

8.Live the way YOU want to live

9.Respect everyone in your workplace or life, never be too big and mighty to speak to anyone

10. It’s okay to say your scared

I’ve been neglecting things

I have so much to do and not enough hours in the day to do it.¬† Im trying to keep on top of my knitting , my surveys , my social media accounbt and seem to be failing miserably in between trying to keep the house tiday and get organised for Christmas which will be with us before we know it ūüė¶
My husband’s family are comimng to visit in 2 weeks and I need to get the house straight before then , all their Christmas presents wrapped and all organised so they can take them home with them

I feel like I’m at the bottom of Everest looking up



I got sacked, I found out I got sacked on Social Media, that’s¬†how good my company was at communication. I’m a qualified nurse, illness meant I couldn’t do that anymore, I went to work for a large supermarket chain, working on the checkout as it was a sit-down¬†job and I could manage my illness and make money.

But management bullies stepped in. I have documented every single thing that was said and done to me I contacted senior management after I received my letter telling me of my dismissal this was 6 days after I had been told on Social Media and that person had already known for 8 days.

Senior Management called me a liar (maybe not so blatantly but that was what the email implied)  and said that management in my store said that none of the incidents I described had occurred. I just hope that Karma comes along and bites them. I have dates and times of incidents and there were other people present when the things were said at least 75% of the time.

Would you stand up to management if they knew they were calling one of your colleagues a liar and you knew those things had taken place ?