Busy in the Garden

I have been busy in the garden the last few days, we have had some glorious weather so I have been planting containers and hanging baskets

Lots of colour with Petunias and Violas and Pansies. The watering can planters are recycled from some plants I bought a few years ago which have since died and I think they make a good addition to my garden wall

Clumsy Me

The night before we went to see Sam Smith I slipped on some moss in the garden, landed very heavily and somehow both my ankles were injured my right knee and my right shin plus bruising down both arms. I really thought I had broken my left ankle and after breaking my right ankle 3 years ago was not something I wanted to experience again. Worse still we were travelling to Birmingham the next morning to see Sam, hotel booked and paid for train ticket and concert tickets and I certainly didn’t want to miss out, so the hospital was not an option. Fortunately I still had crutches here from my broken ankle in 2015 so off I limped on Wednesday morning to the train station. I was in absolute agony the whole time we were away. Sam got everybody in the arena standing after 3 songs I tried my best to keep getting up and down but the pain was horrendous. I came home and did the RICE protocol, Rest Ice Compression and Elevation, by last Sunday it was still no better so a visit to the hospital on Monday morning was made. Thankfully no bones were broken, it’s just a bad sprain and can take 4-6 weeks to heal properly, so guess who will be going on holiday with a limp

Sam Smith

On the 4th of April we travelled down to Birmingham to see Sam Smith in the Genting Arena , all I can say is what a magnificent performer, our seats were very near the stage and even got a special wave from Sam , the night was absolutely amazing and one I hope can be repeated again when he next tours the UK  I’m now going to spam you with pics and videos 🙂

Film Review Darkest Hour

We went to see Darkest Hour last week, it was excellent. I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing it as have seen a lot of Churchill portrayals and the film is over 2 hours long and sometimes this is just a bit too long for me to sit in the cinema and give it my full attention, but it was over before I knew it, it kept me captivated the whole time. Gary Oldman’s take on Churchill was wonderful I would highly recommend this film

Film Review Darkman

Another film we recorded was Darkman , considering I’m a big Liam Neeson fan I don’t know how I had never seen this film before. It’s actually 28 years old!! But to be fair it didn’t seem that dated and the special effect are really good.

IMDB give this film 6.4 /10 I’d agree with that it’s not too long and the story goes along at a good pace to keep you interested. If you like comic book heroes you will love this

Film Review The Great Gatsby

We watched The Great Gatsby  the other night we had recorded it over the Christmas period, I don’t really remember watching the original but this one was a very good performance by both Leonardo Di Caprio and Tobey McGuire we both really enjoyed this film and if you get the chance to watch it…….do so 🙂

IMDB gives it 7.3 /10 I might even give it a slightly higher score than that

Afternoon Tea Out

I was given a voucher for my birthday last year, it was running out expired on 3/2/2017, it was for an afternoon tea. I looked at where the voucher was for and the reviews weren’t very good. So I decided to exchange it for a place where we had been previously Ruthin Castle Hotel. The tea was booked for 1.30

We arrived there about 1.20 made ourselves known at reception and we were taken through to the library bar where we were told they were expecting us and tea would be along shortly. An old building, it’s very dark inside and was quite cold on the day we were there, we sat down there were some older people having lunch snacks and after about 5 minutes my husband went to the bar and said we are here for afternoon tea. The girl behind the bar looked very blank and said that they were n’t expecting anyone. Half an hour later after things had been sorted out our afternoon tea arrived.

Sandwiches were not as advertised we were expecting Smoked Salmon Egg and Cress and Ham and Mustard instead we had Coronation Chicken Egg Mayonnaise, Tuna and Cheese and Chive the fillings felt they had come out of prepacked mayo ones from the supermarket and the bread was dry like the sandwiches had been left on the side, (but they couldn’t have been as they weren’t expecting us?)

The cakes were not as described either and were very dry and there was no Bara Brith, had I paid £29 for this treat I would have been VERY VERY upset.

Moral of the story we won’t be back again