Afternoon Tea Out

I was given a voucher for my birthday last year, it was running out expired on 3/2/2017, it was for an afternoon tea. I looked at where the voucher was for and the reviews weren’t very good. So I decided to exchange it for a place where we had been previously Ruthin Castle Hotel. The tea was booked for 1.30

We arrived there about 1.20 made ourselves known at reception and we were taken through to the library bar where we were told they were expecting us and tea would be along shortly. An old building, it’s very dark inside and was quite cold on the day we were there, we sat down there were some older people having lunch snacks and after about 5 minutes my husband went to the bar and said we are here for afternoon tea. The girl behind the bar looked very blank and said that they were n’t expecting anyone. Half an hour later after things had been sorted out our afternoon tea arrived.

Sandwiches were not as advertised we were expecting Smoked Salmon Egg and Cress and Ham and Mustard instead we had Coronation Chicken Egg Mayonnaise, Tuna and Cheese and Chive the fillings felt they had come out of prepacked mayo ones from the supermarket and the bread was dry like the sandwiches had been left on the side, (but they couldn’t have been as they weren’t expecting us?)

The cakes were not as described either and were very dry and there was no Bara Brith, had I paid £29 for this treat I would have been VERY VERY upset.

Moral of the story we won’t be back again