Summer Over?

Well, what a glorious week or so we have had but today it has been a lot colder and drizzling most of the day 😦

I’m plodding along with my surveys and have so far received £40 worth of Amazon vouchers and £15 to my PayPal account plus 2 sales on eBay

Ebay seems very slow at the moment I just don’t know why? I use it quite a lot living in a rural area and not having a lot of choices as far as shops going plus at the moment being in a relapse of my CFS it’s difficult to go and walk around shops. I am back to the doctors tomorrow and I’m not going to be able to go back to work this week. This fills me with trepidation as I really don’t know what response I will get when I phone up. I have heard nothing while I have been off for the last 2 weeks and there hasn’t been much empathy when I did go back to work. I think I probably need an Occupational Health Referral and probably need some adjustments in work like more frequent toilet breaks etc I’m not sure whether any of this is feasible but I am really struggling at the moment.0138bdcb0c9e90572e50a0556f35b273263ce32076

I took this photo on Tuesday evening when we were walking the dog  🙂