Husbands Birthday Week

It was my husbands birthday on 4th July and he took a few days off work

On his actual birthday we stayed a home for the day and in the evening we went for a meal to Dylan’s I had booked it a couple of months prior to his birthday then I decided to read the reviews they weren’t very good ūüė¶ I decided we would go and see for ourselves. I am so glad we did the food was amazing , but not cheap the kind of place you would just go for special occasions probably unless you earn a lot of money ūüėÄ

Here are some pictures from the evening

Birthday Present

My birthday present from mummytodex and family was a gift voucher for the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool to have a Spa and Afternoon Tea, it was my birthday 7 months ago and I haven’t felt up to going for it. In a couple of weeks we are going away for a few days and mummytodex suggested that I use the voucher to have a night’s stay in the hotel. ¬†This really appealed to me as it’s very near where she lives so we can see them and have a really lovely stay in the hotel overnight so it’s a win win situation

This is probably like the room we have booked


Good Intentions Going Completely Wrong

I had such good intentions of updating regularly and this week has just been a disaster. I have hurt my back, I do not know how but I have been in the most excruciating pain all week, painkillers aren’t touching it, I get in a hot bath in the morning and that really soothes it I try and do some stretches in the bath (yes I have a massive bath) and it feels much better until I then go to sit down and OUCH!!!

I received a letter from work saying they had been trying to get in touch with me and could they have my mobile number as they were referring me to Occ Health. I returned my number along with another sick note for a month. The day after I received another letter asking me to go in for a meeting on Friday at 11.30, I returned the letter saying due to ongoing health issues I would not be attending. I couldn’t get into work for 12 midday when I was supposedly well so how they expect me to get in for 11.30 when I am in a considerably worse state than when I was working I do not know.

I had a phone call from them on Friday I was in the bath, they left a voicemail, ¬†would I return the call as soon as I got the message. I did 3 times and nobody picked up. Eventually, I got another call back I was told I was being referred to Occ Health, I said yes? You’ve already written and told me that? Yes well, I wanted to tell you in person.¬†That was the end of the conversation. I received a letter later that day saying Occ Health will phone me on 15th August at 3pm. That day will be a busy day as at 1.30 I am due in the hospital out patients as I have a Squamous Cell Carcinoma on my nose that needs dealing with or in other words a Rodent Ulcer. It’s not a big issue as far as I’m concerned but when I attended Dermatology they seem to think it is covering a large area and that I need to see the Plastic Surgeon team.

I discovered a new Survey call¬†It’s amazing I joined on the¬†23rd July and so far I have earned¬†¬£27 I haven’t cashed out yet so I might not put it to this month’s earnings which will come in a separate post tomorrow.

I’m fed up of the wind and rain we have had floods here, flash floods, to me it seems the wettest July ever I’m sure this photo doesn’t01493d5c482dad4216acb7bec583628ca6363c7ca7¬†even do it justice

My dog was 8 this week and here’s a nice happy photo of her chewing her bone to finish on


Hot, Hot and Hot

The weather has been glorious for the last week or so, we live about a mile away from the beach and try to get down as often as we can with our dog Jess. She loves going for a paddle. Unfortunately this year I’m having difficulty getting down to the sand due to there¬†being steps and this is the only access. Hopefully, I will soon be feeling the sand between my toes again¬†IMG_0341

For the last 10 days, I have been following a no wheat, no sugar and no dairy diet it has been very hard and I have cheated a few times but I’ve lost almost 7lbs and my resting heart rate as really gone down. The postural tachycardia is still there but not as high a rate as it was. So at least some good has come of depriving myself.

I have been feeling really lethargic and have got listings to do on eBay as well as knitting to finish off for my Etsy shop but to be honest it has just been too hot

We started watching Riviera the other night, I like it and we have watched 6 episodes so it must be keeping my attention. ¬†I find when I have a relapse that noise really irritates me and that my attention span is non-existent. ¬†I’m in the middle of a really good book here but can’t bring myself to read more than 1 or 2 pages

If you like a good book then I can recommend¬†Rachel Abbot, all her books are so good, I’m currently reading¬†The Sixth Window

Tomorrow we are going to see my Mother which means an 80 mile round trip which we do every other Tuesday ,¬†we will be doing it twice this week though as it’s her birthday on Saturday, as my husband is working we will go over there on Sunday and make a birthday tea for her