My Day

My day at the moment whilst I am off sick consists of trying to keep to a routine. I get up at 8.30 just after my husband has left for work, have a bath and aim to be dressed and in the lounge before 10am. I have to be careful of rushing too much as my blood pressure drops and then that puts me out for the day.

I then start my surveys on the laptop for the day. I keep a record of how much money I actually get each month and this is increasing obviously because I’m setting aside some time to do them

Today I’m going to give a few links to surveys I find good.

The first is Opinion Outpost I find with this one  I can get an Amazon Voucher every 3-4 days . I find for myself Amazon vouchers are really useful rather than cash as I can get gifts for family birthdays and events from there plus I can bank them into a good amount for larger things. At the moment I am looking at saving for a robot hoover 🙂

Another one although this is a little slow is clicking adverts and you can also do surveys I find that my demographics for these surveys are not too good although I seem a good fit for all the others I do. Anyway this one is called ClixSense and you can join by clicking on the link there

Another is Valued Opinions, this company pays quickly and quite high per survey

One of my favourites and you have to do this daily to get the cash up for the bonus draws is The Free Postcode Lottery just click a few pages and check if your postcode is there every 24hours , every week there is also a draw for a £50 quidco voucher

CashbackEarners is a fun site you can click emails , play games or do surveys to earn money, once you reach £20 they pay out 🙂

MySurvey UK sends you lots and lots of surveys and they pay out in various ways , very quickly you need 550 points to get a £5 Amazon vouchers and most surveys are between 80-100 points I can sometimes make £15 a day on this one

I’ll stop there for today I have plenty more links to share. Please if possible if you are going to join please use my links , not all of them are referral links but some of them will give me a few extra points for people joining