Do you ever……………………?

Block people on, social media for whatever reason. I had a colleague I worked with , to say she was in Walter Mitty land is an understatement, I got fed up of all the stories on facebook day in day out, tbh you’d have had to be wonder woman to achieve all the things in a day. So I removed her from my social media account, a few days later I noticed some other friends were talking to themselves then I saw they mentioned a name, turns out the person I removed from my account then blocked me?? Whats that about?

With my privacy options on my social media all my postings are friends only so I feel no need to block people………………..what reasons do you have for blocking people???

I understand if someone is stalking you etc

Another strange thing, the manager that sacked me from my job follows me on social media…………what is that all about? Worried about the repercussions of sacking a disabled person, worried that it’s going to come back and bite them??

Who knows?

I get so excited

When I get an interaction with someone famous on social media, I had an interaction with Sam Smith a few months ago on Twitter was so so excited

And yesterday had a convo with Max Beesley, I have been a big fan of Max Beesley for many years and I follow him on Instagram

Next I’ll be inviting them round for tea 😂😂😂😂😂