TV Review Troy : Fall of a City

This is an 8 part series showed on BBC and currently available on IPlayer. I can’t bear watching these series for 8 consecutive weeks so we record on the Sky* and then binge watch so we finished this in 3 nights. The acting was very good and the filming locations showed some great scenery.

I recommend having a look if your interested in Greek Myths

TV Tuesday Review Tin Star

We started to watch Tin Star on Saturday night 3 episodes in we are really enjoying it. SkyTV have made all episodes available so we should be through the series in no time

Tim Roth actually irritates me in everything I see him in but thankfully the story overcomes this

IMBD says of the programme “Crime drama set in a mountain town overrun by migrant oil workers” I would say it’s a little bit more than that. It’s set in Canada so some good scenery and sets. The story is going backward and forwards a lot which means you do have to concentrate on what’s going on

I drafted this post and scheduled it and now I have to add having watched a further 4 episodes, it’s not nearly as good as I initially thought and it just reminds me of Banshee

Set in a different town with different actors but add Native Americans (actually in Canada I think they are called First Natives , alcohol , sex and the set up is the same ……….sorry Tim Roth I don’t think I’ll be coming back for Season 2 I’d be interested to see if any station picks it up for Season2 I can see the viewing figures falling as the season progresses